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We are on a mission to innovate recruitment and management consulting by making it simpler, faster, and more affordable for our clients to find the right capacity and capability.



Reach was one of the first companies to truly focus on being a niched actor on the recruitment market when we in 2012 decided to focus on operations and supply chain allowing experienced experts to join the recruitment process to assure high functional abilities and quality.


In 2014 we became the first company to focus on providing management consulting, executive search and interim management in this niche. Offering several solutions to one challenge instead of being a one-product show, allowed us to function as a advisor to our customers, together visiting different alternatives to resolve their challenge and find the best way ahead.


In 2016, we became the first company to tailor transformation programs with a combination of executive search, interim management and management consulting allowing us to help our costumers start a transformation journey immediately and gradually replace interim management consultants by recruited permanent employees that was either trained by the consultants or ready to go from day one. This allowed our customers to start a transformation with consultants and within a year run it on their own, increasing speed of value creation and reducing the cost of external support significantly. Our flexible contracts allowed adding/removing external support on the go.


In 2019 we intensified our networking with other recruitment firms and start-ups within the technology segment, realizing that sometimes another company may provide a better solution to the challenge our customers face. This furthered our position as extended network to our customers allowing us to listen to customers challenges and interact with our network to find even more suitable solutions, regardless if it is a permanent person, an interim person or another company that could help.


Since 2022 we have gradually utilized more AI to boost our reach and search ability, creating more factual search and evaluation processes allowing us to further the quality of our work.

We are working on modularizing our approach allowing us, on our customers requests, to tailor our process more to integrate with their own. As an ambition, we are currently driving towards a 1-week executive search process with the same high quality as always but meeting our customers wish to have successful candidates starting faster in their new role. 


We measure our success​ based on how our customer engagements span over time and are happy to see so many of our customers being regular buyers, allowing us to forge strong relationships to create mutual value together. Thank you for trusting our team to find the ideal candidates to meet your needs.


Our team is made up of highly experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing the best interim management and executive search services to our clients. We are passionate about delivering high-quality candidates to our clients as we have done since Reach was founded 12 years ago. Meet our team below.


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