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Supercharge Your Recruitment Process

Finding the right talent quickly and efficiently is more crucial than ever. Traditional ad-based recruiting, while cost-effective, sometimes falls short in delivering high-quality candidates who are the right fit for critical roles. At Reach, we understand the specific needs of our clients in operations—from supply chain and manufacturing to R&D. That's why we offer 'Boosted Search,' a flexible, AI-powered service designed to deliver qualified, interview-screened candidates within a week.

The Need for Speed and Quality

Ad-based recruiting often exposes companies to the risk of not finding the ideal candidate, leading to an extended or restarted recruitment process. This setback not only delays the hiring timeline but can also result in losing the existing candidates in the pipeline. Our 'Boosted Search' service is specifically designed to solve this problem, allowing you to maintain the momentum in your ongoing recruitment process while enhancing the candidate pool.

How Does 'Boosted Search' Work?

This tailored service can either accelerate an existing executive recruitment process or supplement your ongoing ad-based recruiting effort. Our efficient process ensures that we deliver candidates who are not just qualified but also interview-screened, thereby offering immediate value.

Our focus on AI technology allows us to minimize the administrative components of the recruitment process, leaving more room for meaningful candidate interaction. This AI integration enables us to deliver high-caliber candidates in a much shorter timeframe than traditional methods, aligning perfectly with our commitment to delivering optimal customer value through efficiency and quality.

Flexibility Tailored to Your Needs

'Boosted Search' is as adaptable as you need it to be. Whether it's supporting an existing recruitment drive or independently seeking out high-quality candidates for an emergent role, we offer you the flexibility you need without compromising on quality or time.

Why Choose Reach's 'Boosted Search'?

Speed: Receive interview-screened candidates within 5 working days.

Quality: Benefit from our industry-specific expertise, particularly in operations roles.

Flexibility: Use the service to complement existing recruitment processes or as a standalone service when the need arises.

AI-Driven Efficiency: Experience a streamlined process with reduced administrative burdens, thanks to our AI integration.

In a world where every second count, Reach’s ‘Boosted Search’ provides you with an edge in the competitive talent market. Our service ensures that you get the quality of candidates you need, exactly when you need them. Get in touch with us to learn how 'Boosted Search' can enhance your recruitment strategy and add immediate value to your team.

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