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Our interim consultants provide deep expertise, design and deliver improvement programs, and support the implementation of initiatives to improve processes and capabilities

We provide interim consultants with a broad range of capabilities and expertise

Program leads: Capable of designing and delivering multi site improvement transformation programs, including program and performance management, coordination & resource planning, change team development, training programs with change team and the organizations as well as structured communication with management and the organization

Management consultants: Able to lead and support operations  performance improvement including identification of opportunities, design & structuring of improvement initiatives and targets as well as training and coaching of change team and leaders in the line organization

Implementation support: Capable of planning and supporting line organization in training and implementation of improvement initiatives (e.g. improved ways of working)

Subject Matter Experts (SME): Able to provide deep expertise and develop client capabilities, improving processes and coaching to line organization in selected functional topics (e.g. manufacturing, purchasing, R&D, finance etc.)

Initial consultation: Our process involves an initial consultation to understand the client's needs.

Thorough search: We then conduct a thorough search within our networks and external sources to identify candidates with the right experience and capabilities.

Candidate assessment: A tailored candidate assessment interview ensures candidate quality. In addition, we conduct reference checks to validate candidate performance and fit for the role.

Presentation and client interview: Thereafter, candidates are presented to the client. In addition, the client has the opportunity of interviewing the candidate befor contracts are signed.

Our process delivers high-quality candidates in record time


Q: What is interim management consulting?

A: Interim management consulting is a service where experienced professionals are provided to businesses on a temporary basis to help them solve specific problems, manage transitions, implement solutions and build capabilities. These consultants are typically subject matter experts with significant industry experience and strong project management skills.

Q: What kind of interim management consulting services does your company provide?

A: Our company provides a range of interim management consulting services, including program leadership, management consulting, implementation support and subject matter expertise. Our consultants have extensive experience in supply chain, manufacturing, purchasing, R&D and operational excellence, as well as deep knowledge of our six main industry sectors.

Q: How can interim management consulting benefit my business?

A: Interim management consulting can benefit your business in many ways. Our consultants can provide fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to complex problems. They can also bring deep industry knowledge, expertise and best practices to your organization. Additionally, interim management consultants can provide temporary support during transitions, such as mergers or acquisitions.

Q: How are interim management consultants different from permanent employees?

A: Interim management consultants are temporary employees who are hired on a project or time-limited basis. They typically have significant experience in their field and are able to provide specialized knowledge and skills that may not be available in-house. Permanent employees, on the other hand, are long-term employees who are hired to fill ongoing roles within the organization.

Q: How do you ensure that your interim management consultants are a good fit for our organization?

A: Our company has a rigorous selection process for our interim management consultants. We carefully assess their experience, skills, and knowledge to ensure they are a good fit for the specific role and industry sector. We also take into account the organization's culture, values and goals when selecting a consultant to ensure a good fit.

Q: How are your fees structured for interim management consulting services?

A: Our fees for interim management consulting services are based on a daily or hourly rate, depending on the project scope and duration. We work closely with our clients to determine the most cost-effective and efficient solution for their specific needs.

Q: How quickly can you provide an interim management consultant for my organization?

A: We prioritize short lead times and can typically provide an interim management consultant within a few days or weeks, depending on the specific requirements of the project. Our deep industry expertise, paired with AI integration, enables us to quickly and accurately match our clients with the best possible consultant for their specific needs.


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