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Our interim managers have the experience and expertise needed to manage change, drive results, and achieve strategic goals

We provide interim managers ranging from senior leaders to functional experts

Senior leaders: Senior leaders have a solid background from a relevant industry and previous roles. Typically, they have 10+ years of leadership experience and have a strong track record in managing complex organization, execute on strategic agendas and achieve sustainable impact


Managers: Our managers are well experienced from similar roles and organizations, They typically have 5+ years of relevant leadership experience and are equipped to drive daily operations as well as implementing required process or organizational changes

Functional experts: Our  functional experts are thought leaders in their field. Ready to ‘hit the ground running’ and quickly deliver in a role requiring specific experience and applying best practice methods and tools

Initial consultation: Our process involves an initial consultation to understand the client's needs.

Thorough search: We then conduct a thorough search within our networks and external sources to identify candidates with the right experience and capabilities.

Candidate assessment: A tailored candidate assessment interview ensures candidate quality. In addition, we conduct reference checks to validate candidate performance and fit for the role.

Presentation and client interview: Thereafter, candidates are presented to the client. In addition, the client has the opportunity of interviewing the candidate befor contracts are signed.

Our process delivers high-quality candidates in record time


Q: What is interim management?

A: Interim management is a service that provides temporary, highly skilled and experienced professionals to fill leadership or expert positions in a company on a short-term basis.

Q: How can interim management benefit my company?

A: Interim management can benefit your company in several ways. It allows you to quickly fill a vacant leadership or expert position with a highly skilled and experienced professional. It can also provide you with specialized expertise for specific projects or initiatives. Interim management can help you implement change or restructure a business, and can provide fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.

Q: What types of interim managers do you provide?

A: We provide three types of interim managers: senior leaders, managers, and subject matter experts. Senior leaders have extensive experience in managing complex organizations, executing on strategic agendas, and achieving sustainable impact. Managers are equipped to drive daily operations and implement required process or organizational changes. Subject matter experts are functional experts who are thought leaders in their field and can quickly deliver in a role requiring specific experience and best practice methods and tools.

Q: How do you select interim managers for my company?

A: Our selection process involves a thorough evaluation of each candidate's skills, experience, and fit with your needs. We use a combination of AI integration and industry expertise to ensure accuracy, efficiency, speed, and quality in our selection process. We provide well-synthesized and insightful analysis on candidate capabilities and fit.

Q: How long does it take to find an interim manager?

A: Our focus is on short lead time and we aim to provide high-quality candidates as quickly as possible. The exact timing will depend on the specific needs of your company and the availability of candidates with the required skills and experience. However, we always strive to provide our clients with interim managers as quickly as possible, often within a few days.

Q: What is your experience working with SMEs and large corporations?

A: We work with both small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large corporations with operations in the Nordics. Our experience and expertise enable us to meet the needs of companies of all sizes.


Q: What industries do you specialize in?

A: Our company specializes in six main industry sectors: Industrial Manufacturing & Assembly, Chemicals & materials, Consumer Goods & retail, Financial Services & service operations, Technology & electronics, and Supply chain & logistics.

Q: What are your pricing and contract terms?

A: Our pricing and contract terms are tailored to each engagement, based on the specific needs of the client. We provide transparent and competitive pricing, and work with clients to ensure that the terms of the engagement are fair and reasonable.

Q: What guarantees do you offer?

A: We offer a satisfaction guarantee for all of our services. If a client is not satisfied with our interim manager or consultant, we will work to address the issue and find a suitable replacement. We also offer a quality guarantee, ensuring that all of our interim managers and consultants are highly qualified and deliver the desired results.

Q: How do I get started with interim management services?

A: To get started, simply contact us and provide information about your company's needs. We will work with you to understand your requirements and provide you with a customized solution.


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