Operations Consulting

Operations Consulting

We help you reach further

Reach offer on-demand consultants to conduct strategic analyses, develop solutions and capture results through implementation.


Reach evaluates candidates with objective criteria, structures interviews and references from the candidate, our network and clients, ensuring we hold only top performing candidates in our network. The process is governed by our team of ex. management consultants from top-tier firms, ensuring we deliver the level of service our clients expect. We handle the entire process in a flexible and fast manner, allowing you to focus on other initiatives.

Our assignments range from operations strategy to implementation support that help achieve sustainable improvements. No matter the assignment, our ambition is to work closely with our clients and make sure our work really makes a difference. Our ambition is to supply the best strategic & analytical experts and shop floor implementation leaders available. In order to tailor our services to match your needs, we can provide full teams or single consultants that strengthen your internal organization or a strategic project. We have experience across most functional topics within operations.

Value based pricing

Reach’ consulting model combines the best elements from traditional and platform consulting models

Reach’s consulting model combines the benefits of the traditional consulting firm with the speed of the Platform model by simply being the center of excellence for matters relating to our functional areas.

We reach our market every day

In our areas of focus we know most of the people on the open market, having qualified them through our rigorous processes or even worked alongside them in the past. We consult, recruit and place interim managers within operations in the Nordics every day and we have done so for the last 20 years. It gives us the speed of a platform model, but with the depth and capability of a traditional consulting firm.

We have no resource constraints

A traditional consulting firm always needs to consider utilisation of their staff, ensuring they keep at least 70-80% of staff utilised. This naturally brings challenges when staffing assignments to ensure providing the best person(s) for every project and situation. Consulting firms also needs to train less experienced consultants in teams with more senior consultants. Reach has no such constraints. With the whole market as our possible selection pool and no utilisation requirements to worry about, we focus on providing the best solution for our clients.

We know the price and we know the value

A consultant in Operations is priced between 8-25 KSEK per day. The capability of the consultant is often linear to the pricing. A consultant priced at 20 KSEK/day may be able to improve 10 MSEK/year in the same area that a consultant priced at 12 KSEK/day would improve 3 MSEK/year. Sometimes, you need the 20K consultant to find the solution and the 12K consultant to implement it. Hence, understanding your situation and requirements is key to tailoring the right solution for you. This is what Reach do.

Case studies

Functional depth

We have developed the largest Nordic network of experts within operations with spikes in several functional areas, including:

Digitalization and Industry X.0


Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Service Operations


Product Development

Early Ownership

Study our completed assignments in your industry to learn more about what we do.