Executive Search

Executive Search

Getting the right people in key roles

Our typical Executive Search assignments support clients to recruit highly talented and driven senior leaders and improvement experts. Our focus on operations has enabled us to build deep knowledge and experience in providing candidates that match complex needs. Typically we co-create candidate profiles and sometimes whole organisations with our clients, optimized for need & situation.

Positions in operations such us manufacturing, safety, quality, purchasing, supply chain, product development, digital operations & industry 4.0 are areas we call our ‘backyard’. Our approach is based on a thorough search process to find the best candidates on the market. Based on over 20 years of experience from executive search, operations management and management consulting, we assess the personal fit as well as validate the functional skills of each candidate. And we believe in close collaboration with our client.

We offer a range of services:

-> Search and placement of senior operations leaders and experts

-> Get a second opinion on internal or external candidates before contract signing

-> Search and placement of board members with operations expertise

Examples of roles placed by our executive search service:

Chief Executive Officer (CEO/VD)
Business area /region / unit manager
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Operations Director
Plant manager / Site Manager
Maintenance manager
Supply chain manager / director
Logistics manager
Procurement manager / director
R&D manager
Production Engineering manager
Lean expert / manager
Digital operations expert / manager
Service manager