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Transforming Operations: Real-life Success Stories of Change Management with Reach

In this article, we explore three real-life success stories of companies that partnered with Reach to achieve remarkable results, transforming their operations and setting the stage for long-term success. Let's dive into these case studies to understand the power of Reach's change management expertise.

Case Study 1: Green Cargo – Driving Change Through the Right Skills

Green Cargo, Scandinavia's leading provider of railway-based goods transportation, faced significant challenges with an aging fleet and the need for better processes and performance. To embark on a successful change journey, Green Cargo partnered with Reach to design a new operating model and implement the necessary improvements.

Reach helped Green Cargo build an internal change organization, recruit change leaders, and provided training and coaching to enhance the company's ability to drive the transformation. The result was a more efficient, safer, and timely operation with Green Cargo taking full responsibility for driving the program and achieving results.

Case Study 2: Orkla Foods – Optimizing the Supply Chain with the Right Team

Orkla, the leading producer of food and consumer packaged products in the Nordics, faced the challenge of improving efficiency across their manufacturing network. To find the right team members for the task, Orkla partnered with Reach, leveraging their expertise in recruiting strong change leaders within Operations.

Reach's experience in building successful organizations and deep knowledge of manufacturing and supply chain management played a crucial role in Orkla's transformation. Today, Orkla's operations have seen a significant shift in productivity, with a better-performing manufacturing network and increased maturity and knowledge within Operations.

Case Study 3: Consolis – Building a Strong Team

Consolis, a world leader in prefabricated concrete products, required the right personnel for their most complex positions. They turned to Reach for their expertise in recruitment and ability to understand the unique needs of each assignment.

Reach's close collaboration with Consolis and their commitment to finding the right candidates resulted in successful recruitments for senior managerial positions, temporary roles, and interim placements. Consolis credits Reach's teamwork approach and the recruitment consultant's understanding of their needs as essential factors in their success.

If your organization is looking to drive change and growth, Reach's tailored solutions and hands-on approach could be the key to unlocking your full potential. Connect with Reach today and start your own journey towards operational success.

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